Welcome to the Ambassadors Store...

…where you can see samples of our merchandise! All of our peace-themed prints are designed by students, and all of our t-shirts and sweatshirts are uniquely hand-printed by our Ambassadors. All proceeds go to the Capture the Rain project, to build fresh water facilities for a school in Kenya.



Sweatshirt sizes: S, M, X, XL

Sweatshirt colors: black, brown, dark grey, grey, light grey, blue, light blue, pink


T-shirt sizes: S, M, L

T-shirt colors: black, white, navy blue, light blue, light green, light brown


Designs are as shown above, but may vary in color. Colors include green, blue, black, yellow, purple, pink, red, orange, and blue.


*Note that the photographs are intended to offer a sample of our designs, but other combinations of sweatshirt/t-shirt, design, and color may be available upon request. For more information, please contact staff@wphsambassadors.org


*Ashley Tomaselli photography

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